Green Coconut Feast (just for fun) :

WHAT: The Green Coconut Feast is a temporary feast that you may choose to adopt to cleanse your body, detoxify your system, loose weight, gain mental clarity, optimize your health and many other reasons. I am doing it for 40 days.

Specifically, the Green Coconut Feast includes "all things green plus coconut." In other words, I am enjoying everything green along with all forms of coconut that I want while on the Green Coconut Feast.

Note: Although there is no concern with staying on the Green Coconut Feast for a long period of time, I only intend to do it for 40 days and then I will return to my vegan, primarily raw diet! I may try the Green Coconut Feast again sometime in the future.

WHO: YOU! If you are just starting in this sort of lifestyle then try it for 7 days and commit to read Five Percent Chance. Look specifically at the other books I recommend. Get ready for big changes!

WHY: After a cancer diagnosis in 1999, I changed to a plant based, primarily raw diet to heal myself. After many years of growing in this area, I realized the most nutrient dense foods are dark leafy greens. For some reason I also wondered if there was one food that I had to limit myself to for an extended period of time, what would that be... I quickly came up with coconut.

Note: In "Eat To Live," Dr. Joel Fuhrman shows a "nutrient density table" on pages 121-122. It shows that the very most nutrient dense foods available to us are green in color!

Therefore, since green foods are the most nutrient dense then it makes that the majority of our diet should be made up on greens! Thus, "All Things Green."

I added coconut because of the vast nutritional value and the wide variety of uses of coconut. Thus the "+Coconut."

HOW: It really isn't all that difficult to follow the Green Coconut Feast but like anything, some guidelines are good.

The general rule of thumb for determine if something is "green" is if the green portion of the produce is actually eaten. For example a cucumber may contain most of the green on the skin but I also eat the skin so the whole cucumber is accepted in the Green Coconut Feast. On the other hand something like watermelon is only green on the outside which is not eat 'en so it would not be included.

I started with juicing greens of all sorts in a green power juicer every day. I use about 3-4 pounds of greens including kale, chard, collard, romaine, butter leaf, cucumbers, celery, lime, zucchini, broccoli, cilantro, parsley, dill, green peas, green apple, green pear and others. Be creative, have fun and surprise yourself how wonderful it can taste. Also notice how physically satisfied you are with just the greens.

I also enjoy all green salads. It is amazing how many things you can combine in a salad that are all green! Dress as you like (I prefer fresh squeezed lemon or a balsamic vinegar and olive oil mix with various spices). Don't get legalistic about the salad dressing being green as long as it is vegan (i.e. no dairy and no excitotoxins).

I also found that I enjoyed green nut butter from pumpkin or hemp seeds.

Coconut is extremely healthy and vastly versatile! I enjoy fresh young coconut juice and slimy meat, mature coconut meat, coconut butter (yummy) and coconut oil.

Here is an example of a couple of combinations of both greens and coconut.

I really enjoy vice cream so I had to come up with a way to make something interesting while on the Green Coconut Feast. I came up with honeydew sorbet. The key is getting the juice from fresh young coconut, combine it with some pureed honeydew melon and a touch of agave nectar and you have the foundation of a wonderful dessert.

I also enjoy green juice or fresh juice made from greens along with other fresh produce several times a week and continue with green juices during the Green Coconut Feast. A treat is to mix the fresh spinach with the juice from fresh young coconut.