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After being given a five percent chance of surviving advanced-stage melanoma skin cancer, author and speaker Jerrod Sessler decided to take responsibility not only for his recovery but for his health as well. Jerrod's story is a riveting message of hope and healing that will inspire you. His delivery is full of energy and enthusiasm for the health message that has become his passion, a message that he says is very basic but much obscured by our culture.

Jerrod Top 10 Kit including "Five Percent Chance", his favorite recipe book, China Study, Eat To Live & more!

Benefit from a few of the publications that Jerrod recommends. Enjoy surprise items in Jerrod's kit as well!
"5-Minute Workout"
by Jerrod Sessler

"Food Chains"
by Jerrod Sessler

"Five Percent Chance"
by Jerrod Sessler

Five Percent Chance, 5-Minute Workout,
and Food Chains by Jerrod Sessler